Health by yourself
trust the Designer of your body!
I'm 64. I'm an engineer and do breathing exercises with the help of the training device... my skin became softer, the most part of pigmented spots turned pale and became barely visible, hypodermic lipomas disappeared, joint pain stopped. The osteochondrosis doesn't bother me for 1,5 years, hand numbness sensation disappeared, loss of sight stopped, hearing improved. The stenocardia and extrasystole decreased. The yellow dental deposit and caries disappeared... state of health now is good, clarity of thinking and memory considerably improved. Many thanks to V. Frolov.

David Soars, the Republic of South Africa

There are a couple different approaches to life and health. One approach is to hope that the crisis doesn't appear, and if it does, get a fire extinguisher and try to put it out. This is pretty customary, and the key world view behind such behavior is that of a random design. In other words, some perfectly functioning person was just walking down the street and got hit with a stroke or diabetes out of no where.

There is another approach. If we looked at things developmentally, we might see that small habits add up over time. The best example we see has to do with how people move. A well coordinated person is easy to recognize in a grocery store, and we know they are much less likely to have back pain. We could trace their coordinated movement back to crawling and see that there is a process that led to were they are now.

It is not that far fetched for others to understand that we can predict who will and won't get back pain, because we see that back pain is the end result of some dysfunction occurring over time.

Every disease follows some process. Understand the process and you can prevent the disease. Of course mostly you've not heard about processes because it is much more politically correct to make the diseased victims of fate or bad luck or genes.

So what is the process? If you've raised kids, you saw a great example, and if not think of any person you've known for a long time, or even yourself. We all have our nature. We also grow up in a certain environment, but we are not the product of our environment. We also have some degree of freedom. We choose to ignore certain things, and choose to pay attention to other things. The bottom line is that it is the interaction between us and our environment over time that gives us peculiar characteristics, and parents would understand this best because they've seen these things develop over time.

Your physiology is the same thing as who you are. Every cell in the body working together is who you are in the material world. What you do, how you train, etc, determines your physiology.

But there are a couple different ways to approach things. You can train your physiology to work the way it is designed to work, or you can wait for the inevitable consequence of your physiology not working, which could come in many forms.

Really, the most relevant question we ask is how we were actually designed to function. It is on that basis that we decide how to train. This is our approach, which contrasts with the customary approach to wait for something to go wrong and try to fix it. We have found that something is usually wrong for ten years before it becomes bad enough for someone to actually seek treatment. So we need to know how things develop.

We have created a very understandable model for physiology, and we can use it to explain disease, brain development, athletic and business performance, as well as put into context all treatments available. Therefore, we will explain this model, and refer to it in every section of our website.

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